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Kato Zakros


Zakros is part of the Prefecture Lassithi. Zakros is at the very east of Crete. About 1000 people are living here, summer and winter. Zakros is still a living village. There are many other small villages on Crete where people have gone away with their children. Quite oftne only some elder people stay in those villages.

1961 a great Greek archaeoligist N.Platon unearthed the fourth largest Minoan Palace. This was oriented politically and commercially towards the major civilisations of the Middle East. Already 1900 B.C. Zakros was a center of trading and growing olives. Clima and much water is ideal for growing olives.

Zakros is the commercial and administrative center of the area. There are many cultural events in the central square of the village in the summer, attracting many visitors. There is rich vegetation because because of numerous springs in the area. The numerous springs are as well the reason for several renovated watermills. This is a well a sign for a long tradition of growing cereals in this area, which have been brought to that mills.