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Kato Zakros

This web-site has been produced by
Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Hellmich
Heerdestr. 21
48149 Münster

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Please contact if you have any whishes for any programming, web-site or design.

30.09.2021 updating bootstrap and prices, super-home in old page
09.08.2020 eliminating old jquery and bootstrap calls with http
16.06.2018 small corrections after changing provider
17.04.2018 deleting Marika Studio
16.04.2017 adding Marika Studio
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04.06.2016 faragirooms.html and melinarooms.html with carousel, simple reservation
30.05.2016 index.html with carousel
16.10.2015 update prices
16.10.2015 exchange some pictures for bathrooms
24.02.2015 update prices
12.02.2014 delete Melina Apartment
10.03.2011 replace email-address in impressum
03.09.2009 counter needed one more digit
15.07.2009 update prices faragi rooms
14.07.2008 filter out more criteria for problems with confirmations
08.07.2008 first release old kato zakros
07.07.2008 filter out IP-adresses for problems with confirmation
29.08.2007 update prices
11.06.2007 update prices
21.05.2007 updating room description with new pictures
10.04.2007 advertising in goolge
30.03.2007 adding french desciption of rooms
29.03.2007 update mail-adress
20.03.2007 update prices
15.01.2007 first release cave / palace
15.01.2007 first release cave / palace
04.01.2007 first release reservation form with email-support
02.01.2007 first release maps and location / Comming by...
13.12.2006 first release Zakros / Kato Zakros / Olives / Gorge
31.10.2006 first release accomodation
20.10.2006 first site online
10.10.2006 first programming in Kato Zakros