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Kato Zakros

Death's Gorge

This is inside Death's Gorge near the entry at the beach.

picture inside Death's Gorge

This is the view from the rim of Death's Gorge. This is from the old road from Zakros to Kato Zakros that starts at Faragi Rooms.

picture of view into Death's Gorge right hand

This gorge has large caves in its walls. Tombs from the Minoan period were discovered in those caves. They are of great archaeological importance. That why the caves have the name "The Caves of Deads" and the gorge "The Gorge of Deads".

picture of view into Death's Gorge left hand

Inside the gorge you can walk the E4 that starts in Kato Zakros. There is the old water-pipe that brought the water from the source of zakros down to Kato Zakros. There is one entry to Kali Strata, the old road inside Zakros down to South. There is another entry at Faragi Rooms (direct at the beginning of the old road to Katos Zakros at the top of the gorge).

picture of water pipe inside Death's Gorge

Often you can watch the goats inside the gorge. Some are domestic, some are quite wild and go high into the walls.

picture of ghose inside Death's Gorge